Flo Trend offers an extensive collection of fully customized filtration equipment for municipal and industrial processing around the world. Like all of our wastewater product lines, our patented waste filtration equipment offers some of the most reliable, long-lasting options available anywhere. Flo Trend applied the same approach of simplicity and durability that characterize all of our products to the creation of consistent and cost-effective solutions to your filtration needs.  Our customizable filtration products and services help eliminate toxic impurities from water and reclaim soluble materials for reuse or recycling, and our equipment filters numerous contaminants from water that can affect product quality and the performance of industrial equipment. Our all-steel construction is guaranteed to last for decades, and our warranties ensure that your filtration equipment will always remain in perfect working condition.

Filtration is only the start of what our equipment can do, however. Flo Trend offers customized solutions for dewatering, blending, and separation. No matter your wastewater treatment challenges, we’re sure to have the equipment to fit your needs.


Need a custom-sized dewatering container filter to fit your jobsite’s footprint? Flo Trend can help! We custom-build all of our equipment to match your requisite data. After receipt of purchase order, we will prepare a drawing that will be sent out to you for approval. We do not begin building until you have signed and sent back the drawing.


Flo Trend provides a one-year warranty on all of our dewatering and mixing equipment as well as a five-year warranty on our filter media with normal use. For further details or to make a claim, contact us today.