Recently, a customer came to us with a question: Was it possible to recapture waste water and recover the valuable chemicals it contained for cost-effective reuse and responsible disposal? If we could do it, we would be saving our customer thousands of dollars per month—potentially millions of dollars over years. It was a question that we loved receiving, because we knew we had the answer ready.

The Flo Trend Water Processing Unit® (WPU) is a proprietary piece of customized equipment that enables users to recover valuable chemicals and additives from runoff and wastewater as well as cut down on the water they use each day. The first project where we implemented the WRU was at a large auto-auction carwash, where nearly a thousand vehicles are cleaned each day. The WRU allowed the auction to recapture valuable soap and cleaning chemicals from the carwash runoff, allowing them to process more vehicles using less of both. This reduced costs tremendously. As an added bonus, the WPU also managed to help dry the cars faster! (We aim to please.)

Since that time, the WPU has been adapted for many water processing applications, including barge cleaning, upstream projects, and other large industrial projects where valuable chemicals, additives, and materials can be recaptured from runoff waste. In addition to saving our customers money, the WPU also helps them protect their communities by responsibly filtering runoff before it can become groundwater or reach municipal sewer systems.

The WPU can help you wring additional profits out of your runoff waste, too. It’s perfect for short-term projects, or it can be installed permanently for long-term use. Whatever your project, the Flo Trend team can customize this innovative piece of equipment for your needs and your budget.

Want to see the Water Processing Unit in action before you buy? No problem! Contact us today at 1.800.762.9893 to schedule a free, on-site demonstration of the WPU’s capabilities. Call now to discover how much this brilliant innovation can save you!