One of the most common questions we receive from our clients and potential clients here at Flo Trend pertains to our filter media—the panels inside the Sludge Mate, Debris Mate, and other equipment used to separate the water from the sludge. The question is this: Is Flo Trend’s dewatering filter media reusable? Or is it disposable?

First off, Flo Trend offers a wide variety of filter media designed for use in many different pieces of equipment, from our roll-off container filters to our trailer-mounted container filters and all sorts of other custom options. Our filter media can be ordered in a variety of materials and weave styles, depending on the dewatering job you need completed.

Each dewatering filter medium that we offer to customers is built to be reliable and durable. That’s because, unlike some dewatering equipment specialists, Flo Trend filter media is always designed to be reused! We believe that it’s the only cost-efficient and environmentally responsible way to use our container filters.

The materials in which our filter media are available are as follows:
• Stainless Steel
• Polypropylene
• Polyester
• Nylon
• Other Plastics

Our mesh sizes range from 4–325, and our micron ratings range from 4,750–45. That means that, no matter what size or shape your dewatering project takes, we’ve got the filter media you need. Not sure which filter media best suits your job? No problem! Give our friendly dewatering technicians a call today at 1-800-762-9893 for a free consultation. We’ll ensure you’ve got the tools you need for success.

If you ever run into a dewatering equipment manufacturer that tries to convince you that disposable filter media is the way to go, don’t be fooled! Never settle for second-rate materials and processes. Flo Trend filter media is easy to use, built to last, and simple to clean and install. Best of all, you can contact us anytime with any questions or challenges you may have!