Lagoon dewatering (also known as pond dewatering) is one of the most critical functions that can be performed by Flo Trend’s patented Sludge Mate container filter. It’s a simple, easy-to-use solution to dewatering alum and wastewater sludge that is used by municipalities, townships, and private entities across the United States.

Naturally, every lagoon project is unique. Material consistencies and quantities, lagoon conditions, access, owner preferences, and disposal/reuse issues are all important factors to consider when finding the ideal solution to your needs. Fortunately, whatever your lagoon challenge, Flo Trend has the solution. We offer custom equipment and expertise to complete the removal of accumulated biosolids, lime sludge, and many other materials from your storage lagoon or pond, and we can handle almost any lagoon project, no matter the basin’s condition or size.

Thanks to its easy portability, Flo Trend’s trailer-mounted Sludge Mate is a great, economical solution to dewatering all kinds of sludge, including alum and wastewater sludge in lagoons. Once the solids settled on the bottom of a lagoon are agitated and suspended, the wastewater sludge goes into the Sludge Mate, where the equipment’s filter media separates out the solids. Once the sludge is thoroughly dewatered, the filtered material will be ready to pass the paint filter test and can be quickly and easily transported to an approved disposal site.

Trailer-mounted Sludge Mate container filters range is size from five cubic yards to 40 cubic yards, depending on your needs. The Sludge Mate can also be paired with Flo Trend’s Poly-Mate Polymer Mixing and Injection System, which aids with rapid dewatering of very fine sludge.

If you have challenges or questions related to lagoon dewatering, our dewatering experts are available to help! Flo Trend specializes in creating custom solutions to any wastewater challenge. Call us today at 1-800-762-9893 for a free consultation!