Anyone who has spent much time in or around a lift station knows that one of the biggest operation inefficiencies associated with them is grit, dirt, rocks, and other inorganic material clogging up the works. This stuff makes it difficult to effective pump or transport sludge, not to mention dispose of the debris.

To remedy this common problem, Flo Trend devised the roll-off container filter! Municipalities and other organizations across the United States use our roll-off container filters to remove free water from grit and bar screen material so that it can be properly dewatered and transported to an approved disposal site. This equipment has proven effective enough to have been utilized in the cities of Sacramento, Portland, Seattle, and New York, but it’s cost-efficient and scalable enough to serve even the smallest of municipalities well, too.

The key to its effectiveness is the roll-off container filter’s simple design. It consists of three components: the roll-off container, porous support panels, and the filter media. The space between the support panels and the container walls and floor provides a drainage field for liquid, which flows out through outlets on the bottom and side walls of the container via gravity drainage or pump suction.

Best of all, all models of our container filters can be customized to fit your exact needs! Roll-off container filters come in sizes ranging from 20 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards. If that won’t work for your project, don’t worry—Flo Trend creates custom filtration solutions for wastewater projects of every size and difficulty! To learn more about how we can engineer a custom dewatering solution to fit your needs and budget, call our wastewater experts anytime at 1-800-762-9893 and tell us what you need.