Belt Filter Press Refurbishment

Belt Presses are an ideal tool for processing above the 4 million gallons per day range. The belt filter press may be less cost-efficient utilizing non-mechanical dewatering methods such as dewatering container filters and dewatering boxes, but Flo Trend has encountered many customers who are happy with the Belt Press’ performance. After about 10-15 years of service, however, these machines typically need refurbishment to continue operating at peak performance.

Flo Trend offers refurbishment services on belt presses of a variety of makes and models from all the top manufacturers, including Ashbrook, Andritz, and Parkson. Is your belt press in need of some refurbishment to bring it back to life? Call Flo Trend today for the pricing and availability of these services.

Is your belt filter press simply not getting the job done anymore? Flo Trend offers customized container filter solutions that may better suit your needs. Contact us for more details.