Cities, towns, and municipalities across the U.S. and beyond are declaring war on FOG (fats, oils, and grease) in their sewers and water treatment facilities. Many are cracking down on enforcement of waste-related laws and regulations, making the proper disposal of grease more critical to business owners than ever.


The collection and processing of grease trap waste (aka brown grease or gray water) has historically been provided by septic companies and processed by industrial or municipal waste water treatment facilities. Due to the costly nature of treating grease trap waste, however, an ever-increasing number of these facilities now refuse to process grease trap waste. If they do continue to receive grease trap waste, the tipping fee is generally substantially higher (sometimes by as much as three times more) than other types of waste. The associated transportation costs are rising, too, as pumpers are more often forced to drive farther to a facility that will accept the waste.


As a result, the cost of grease-trap waste disposal is going up across the country. Flo Trend offers business owners relief through a low-tech, cost-effective solution to these rising costs: rugged, dependable, custom-built dewatering systems.


The wastewater engineers at Flo Trend have created and patented customized dewatering equipment to save businesses money and hassle when transporting and disposing of grease trap waste. We call it the Grease Mate, and it’s a grease-friendly variation on Flo Trend’s popular and dependable Sludge Mate container filter. The Grease Mate removes waste solids from grease trap waste on site and drains fast to collect only the solids in your waste, extracting and purifying the recovered plant- and animal-based oils for recycling.


By filtering the wastewater prior to discharge, the Grease Mate helps reduce the burden on your region’s wastewater treatment plants and lessens the load that waste management companies must haul and dispose of. Within 48 hours of treatment, all grease trap waste put through the Grease Mate will meet or exceed landfill paint-filter tests.


Because they will only have to transport the solids to a disposal site, the Grease Mate can cut a grease-trap waste hauler’s daily transportation costs by as much as 50 percent in some cases. Best of all, we custom build the Grease Mate to each customer’s specifications. This way, we can create a custom solution to almost any grease-trap waste dewatering challenge.


Is your organization interested in decreasing the costs associated with grease-trap waste hauling and disposal? Flo Trend is standing by to assist. Contact us today for a free consultation with our team of wastewater treatment experts.