It is a pleasure doing business with Flo Trend for the past 20 years. Great products and most of all great customer service. We look forward to our continued relationship for many more years to come.

Field Operations Manager at Baker Hughes


My experience with Flo Trend has been exceptional. The product was delivered on time and performed beyond our expectations. I wouldn't hesitate to do business again with Flo Trend.

Gary Harper, Project Director for ESG Operations, Inc.


The product requires little maintenance to keep operating, which as a result has improved our efficiency by allowing us to work on other things.

Chief Operator for Guadalupe Blanco River Authority


We use a Flo Trend product to process our sludge weekly in any type of weather, and it has improved our efficiency significantly. It is also highly durable. I consider it to be delivered in a timely manner and set up in a timely manner.

Superintendent, City of Dadeville Waste Water Treatment Plant


Fast turnaround times. Great customer service, very helpful.

General Manager for Liberty City, Texas


Flo Trend’s team provided very good customer service by calling from time to time to check on performance and ensuring the product was meeting our needs. Along with the ability to customize, fast turnaround times made the decision to purchase from Flo Trend the best and most feasible choice.

Chief Operator for City of Midwest