LRP Financing


Designed for Your Budget and Needs

Flo Trend has developed an LRP (Lease, Rental, Purchase) Plan to help commercial customers cost-effectively upgrade their filtration, liquid/solids separation and oil/water separation systems without a large, upfront cost or high-interest monthly payment associated with credit cards or bank loans. Unlike traditional bank loans, this financing solution can bundle equipment, installation and other costs into fixed monthly payments over a 24- to 42-month period. With 0%-interest financing for commercial customers, your monthly payment is the number of months selected for the lease divided by the cost of the equipment! You select the equipment. Flo Trend representative tells you the monthly financing payments based on the length of the lease. At lease end, you will own the equipment for $1 (if all payments are made throughout the lease term). All qualified Flo Trend equipment includes shipping, installation and training.

Why Finance Your Flo Trend Solution?

  • Eliminate upfront costs and budget restrictions
  • Application only up to $100,000; over $100,000, full financial review required
  • Low upfront payment**
  • Other lease structures and buyout options available

*0% financing is only available for commercial clients. Municipal clients do not qualify.

**Two advanced payments required.

Getting Started

How does your business qualify for the Flo Trend LRP Financing Plan?

Step 1: Contact your local Flo Trend sales representative here.

Step 2: Complete the credit application by pressing the button below.

Step 3: Flo Trend will provide 0% interest, $1 buyout financing options for your commercial project with terms ranging from 24-42 months.

Credit Application

Click the link below to download a PDF version of the Flo Trend LRP Plan credit application.


Rate Calculator


Click the link below to download a PDF version of the Flo Trend Rate Calculator



Have a question about our LRP plan? Contact your local Flo Trend representative by filling out the form below.